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attention Toyo-tistas...

Toyota's weak spot has been revealed!

we all know certian manufacturers have weak points in their equipment, after having only two Toyotas for 4 years, I have found theirs.

even the Japanese themselves (both my cars were made in Japan) can't get it right all the time

carefully check all electrical connectors in toyotas over 8 or so years old. 80's designs are especially succeptable. toyota used especially thin wiring and connectors in various parts. I have had several electrical faults take out various components, including an alternator. look for green corrosion inside wiring harness clips, even in places water would not normally penetrate.

a well sealed taillight from a japanese made 4Runner rottedinside the plastic clip.

be carefull.

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TOYOTA cheated the customer in every way they could. Cut corners in quality and it catches up with them.

Many of those 80's models are rust buckets. Even Toyota uses General Motors 4 cylinder engines in their LP fork lifts.

BUY the Domestic vehicles now.

Don't send JAPAN any money from buying TOYOTA and HONDA products. Keep the money in the USA and support our AMERICAN OWNED car companies.

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